Our attendances at Prague Prides


In 2015 a group of 11 members or supporters of Czech and Slovak Pedophile Community attended the parade. We tried to bring awareness to our problems by handing out leaflets. Leaflets were bilingual – Czech and English (containing the same messsage) and there were two versions of them – the version for pedophilic members of the community and the version for supporters. Approximately 800 pieces of leaflets were handed out. There were almost none bold negative reactions by other people in the parade.

Texts of our leaflets for Prague Pride 2015

Who are we?

We are people who has one thing in common – in puberty we started to realize we are erotically attracted to children.

Our mission is to inform public about pedophilia because of many prejudices about this topic. We want sufficient information about pedophilia for young people who are begining to realize their attraction. We want people to judge pedophiles not for their feelings but according to their actions.

Our mission IS NOT to legalize sexual contacts with children!

Czech and Slovak Pedophile Community, for more information please visit:



I support ČEPEK – the Czech and Slovak Pedophile Community

This community aims to help young people who feel erotic attraction towards children to come to terms with their sexual orientation and not to commit any crime. In present days almost no attention is given to these people’s issues.

A pedophile usually becomes aware of his unusual sexual feelings during elementary school attendance – at about 13 years of age.

It can be your child too! Who will provide him with true and unbiased information? Will he commit suicide under the pressure of his surroundings that automatically calls him a monster? Where can he find effective help?

Why do we hand out this leaflet? Pedophiles and LGBTs encounter very similar problems. With this initiative we want to point this out.

Find more information at www.nejenhomo.cz or www.pedofilie-info.cz


In 2014 two members of our community participated in Prague Pride. For the first time we openly presented ourselves as pedophiles. During the parade we were handing out leaflets with a short explanation of who we are and a link to this website. We were accompanied by sociologist Martin Fafejta and a few other people.

While we were handing out leaflets the police questioned us. They asked for our ID's and took one or our members and one of our supporters to the police station for further questioning, as well as Martin Fafejta who didn't have his ID. They were all released without charges. Martin Fafejta wrote more about the incident in his blog[cs].

We haven't noticed any reactions to our participation in the mainstream media. Only much later, in June 2015, Týden magazine informed about our attendance in a web article[cs] and with more details in press version on June 15th.

Text of our leaflets for Prague Pride 2014

Kdo jsme

Jsme lidé, které spojuje jedna společná věc - přitahují nás děti. Erotické zaměření na děti se odborně nazývá pedofilie. Pedofilie neznamená pohlavní zneužívání dětí!

Proč se účastníme Prague Pride?

Snažíme se informovat veřejnost o pedofilii a zbavit toto téma zbytečné tabuizace. Chceme, aby mladí lidé, kteří si začnou uvědomovat svoje zaměření na děti, měli o pedofilii dostatečné informace, aby zbytečně netrpěli kvůli předsudkům nebo postoji společnosti. Chceme, aby lidé věděli, co je to pedofilie, a aby pedofily posuzovali ne podle jejich erotické preference, ale podle jejich činů.

Jako komunikační platforma nám slouží ČEPEK, svépomocné internetové fórum, kam každý může přijít se svým problémem a řešit ho s ostatními. Hlavním cílem ČEPEKu je motivovat mladé lidi k tomu, aby dokázali přijmout svoji preferenci, vyhnout se případným problémům a žít lepší život. Nechceme, aby byl legalizován sexuální kontakt s dětmi.

Pro více informací navštivte www.nejenhomo.cz a www.pedofilie-info.cz

Who are we?

We are a group of people that has one thing in common - when we were in puberty we started to realize we are erotically attracted towards children. Pedophilia is erotic attraction towards children, not child abuse!

Our goal is to inform public about pedophilia and to break the unneccesary taboo about it. On our self help board ČEPEK we try to motivate young people to accept their preference, to avoid potentional problems and to help them live a better life.

Our goal isn’t legalisation of sexual contacts with children.

For more information please visit www.nejenhomo.cz/en


Four members of our community participated in Prague Pride Parade 2013. We didn't make it clear what our group represented, for our security and to avoid disrupting the parade. Our group had one banner stating, “Nejen homosexuálové procházejí coming outem” (“Not only homosexuals go through coming out”) and our web address. We handed out over 1000 leaflets with the text “Nejen gayové, lesby, bisexuálové a transgender osoby si procházejí coming outem” (“Not only gays, lesbian, bisexuals and transgender people go through coming out”), and the leaflets also had our web address.

Among the first to report our participation was the Slovak server hlavnespravy.sk. However, it contained many inaccuracies. They labeled people who weren't part of our group as members. According to the report, “The 'Gay Pride Parade' in Prague also included proud pedophiles with their banners and slogans. Older men had their ‘I have sex with girls’ and ‘Love prevails’ banners. Another group had ‘Not only homosexuals go through coming out’.” Journalist J. X. Doležal attended the parade with the banner “Souložím s holkama” (“I have sex with girls”). He reacted to their claim in his article, “I am not a pedophile – tits as a proof”. He wrote that his goal was to test the tolerance of the LGBT community towards heterosexuals and he rejected the claim that he is a pedophile, presenting pictures of his girlfriend's breasts.

Shortly after, our attendance was reported by more serious media. Articles about our attendance were published in Metru[cs], MF DNES and Reflexu[cs]. A small part of the documentary film "Daniel's World" depicts our Prague Pride attendance. You can also look at the web presentation we used for Prague Pride 2013[cs].