Why did we chose Prague Pride?

After our attendance at Prague Pride we notice people asked why we chose Prague Pride for our activities. There are several reasons for that:

Similar topic

Prague Pride focuses of living conditions and rights of LGBT people. It is not afraid of sexual deviations among LGBT, at 2014 Leather Zone, an event focused on gays who like leather, rubber, BDSM etc., was a part of an official program. Also there was an event focused on asexuals.

Pedophiles face many problems LGBT people face of had to face. Pedophiles often face prejudices of public, but often even mental health professionals (especially outside of Czechia). Pedophiles also go through coming out too. Although some our goals are not and even cannot be analogous (i. e. we don't fight for child marriages), there are others that are the same regardless of whether they are directed towards LGBT people or pedophiles (i. e. challenging prejudices).

Attention of media

Prague Pride is an even with a big medial attention. It enables us to inform more people about pedophilia than by other means. We heard some opinions that we are selfish when attending Prague Pride and only use work of other people for our self-promotion. I would like to point out there are people working hard to open the discussion on the topic of pedophilia. There are websites focused on the topic of pedophilia. Some of them have been around for over 10 year. In present ńĆEPEK community provides not only a platform for pedophiles to share their feelings and experiences but also it provides a way for public to talk with pedophiles. Some pedophiles agreed to be interviewed by media. Some attended academic conferences, for example Bohnice Sexology Days, but also lectures for public. Despite all the efforts the topic of pedophilia is still largely a taboo.

Limited other ways

Currently, it's unthinkable for pedophiles to organize and event like Prague Pride (even in smaller scale). Just by saying publicly that one is a pedophile one risks condemnation of his surrounding, loss of friends, job (not only in profession in which one work with children). One would face a serious risk of being physically attacked on a similar event.

We reject claims public is not ready for public events. With this mindset there would be no LGBT Prides or they would be started much later. Furthermore, at this moment prejudices against prejudices harm pedophiles, but also the society as a whole. There are some young people starting to realize they are attracted towards children. They experience confusion and fear. Should we let them to help themselves and let them suffer needlessly for months or even years?