A lack of information

A big problem is a lack of good information about pedophilia. There aren't many people who were told by parents at school what pedophilia is and what should one do if he starts to finds out he's attracted towards children. Even in academic literature there is a lack of information. There is a plenty of materials mentioning pedophilia, but they are typically limited to a definition and brief description followed by a long passage focusing on sexual abuse of children. There isn't much information about pedophiles who don't sexually abuse children. A lack of good information makes room for prejudices and strengthen the negative effect they have on pedophiles.

Pedophilia as a sex education topic

We think children at elementary schools should be given objective information about pedophilia as a part of sex education. It might help especially those who start to realize that they are attracted towards children but also to society in general. It might reduce sexual abuse of children because better informed pedophiles might judge better what situations they should rather avoid, they might be more willing to seek medical help in the case they needed it etc. It would help to get rid of prejudices about pedophilia in the society which would help to better deals with problems related to pedophilia and it might prevent accepting harmful populist measures. Experts in sexology should participate on sex education by creating education material, providing lectures or by providing seminars for sex educating lectors.