Our goals

Our goals can be summarized in two main points:

Help for people who feel an erotic attraction towards children

We want to provide help and information about pedophilia, especially to young people in puberty who begin to realize they are sexually attracted to children or adolescents. These people are often confused and struggle because of their different sexual orientation, they are afraid to tell anyone, and a lot of them don't want to admit to themselves that they are pedophiles. When someone doesn't admit his sexual orientation to himself, it increases the risk of him sexually abusing a child. We think that only if pedophiles acknowledge their orientation and are informed about it can they learn to live with it responsibly. A lot of pedophiles start to notice they are attracted to children around the age of 13. Therefore it would be beneficial if information about pedophilia (but also other sexual preferences) were included in sex education in the higher grades of elementary school and in junior high school.

Informing the public

We think it is very important to inform the public about who is a pedophile and what is pedophilia. There are many myths and prejudices related to these terms. Equating pedophilia with sexual abuse of children is widespread and it is not fair to those pedophiles who don't sexually abuse children. It can lead to young people denying to themselves that they are pedophiles, with all the negative consequences that brings. Journalists especially should be sure to objectively inform the public about the distinction between pedophiles and child sexual abuse offenders. Very few media reports focus seriously on the problems of people with pedophilia.

People should judge those who feel an erotic attraction towards children by their acts and attitudes [you're thinking of pro-contact views? Including "attitudes" seems to complicate things --Ethan], not by their sexual orientation. Pedophiles too can live a valuable life and be beneficial to society. We would like to see academic studies focused on living with pedophilia that focus on its non-criminal expressions.