Who we are

We are a group of people who share an erotic affection for children. In other words: pedophiles. We decided to attend the Prague Pride festival because we can see many people around us having prejudice against pedophiles – and we have seen how the society's attitude towards pedophiles can have a negative impact.

Our main goal is to open a serious public discussion about pedophilia. We want the society to get rid of the prejudice it has against people with pedophilia. We think it would be beneficial not only those people but also to the public in general. We want to present pedophiles' feelings and life experiences to the public. Also, we want to draw attention to problems that pedophiles face. Our requirements including what we want to achieve are described in more details in the section Our goals.

To help to achieve these goals we repeatedly attended the Prague Pride Parade. During the parades we were handing out leaflets with a brief explanation of who we are and a link to this site. We attended the parades by our own choice. The organizers, Prague Pride, o.s., did not invite us for to the parades nor was our attendance supported by them.

This website was created by simgiran except text of the goals which were written by Petr Kasz and personal stories that has their authors stated. Translations of stories were done by simgiran. Marco Freeman participated on texts edits and Ethan Edwards provided some translation tips and corrections.

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