Welcome to the website This website was created to present a true and objective information about pedophilia (paedophilia). Today the term pedophilia is perceived and used among the general public different from meaning that it as a medical term first introduced Austro-German psychiatrist Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing in his book Psychopathia Sexualis (1886).

The information on this site is intended for young people who feel that their sexuality is or could be in part or completely focused on children in the prepubertal or early pubertal age. This site would provide them information about what symptoms pedophilia has, how it can be adopted to cope with it and live with it, if possible, a happy life, so that its subjects do not cause problems to other people or themselves and in particular any violation of social norms and laws. They will learn what life with such deviation brings them and takes out, how their sexuality works, what to watch for and how to behave in certain situations which may come.

Finally, the site is designed for all people who want to know more information about erotic attraction to children, or consult the privacy of its owners for example via life stories. On the site you can find everything about pedophilia and the issues more or less related to it. You also have the opportunity to meet with pedophiles, whether those who manage to keep their sexuality within the borders of social norms, but sometimes even those who unfortunately did not magage it in the past. This opportunity you have in the Forum (within it’s English section) or in the Chat. By using these services you agree with The Rules.

For more general information about this site see the About Us section, which is also fully translated to English.

For basic and detailed factual information about pedophilia and links to professional resources, see the Karel Zak’s bachelor’s and diploma thesis which are available at the following links: Paedophilia – bachelor’s thesis and Life and feelings of non-criminal paedophiles – diploma thesis (there are only abstracts translated to English in these thesis).

This is primarily Czech website. We want to translate this website to English, but it will be very slow process. For translation of the whole website to other languages, please, try Google Translator.

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