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Filmmaker Ivan Noel has commited suicide

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Filmmaker Ivan Noel has commited suicide

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Iván Noel was found dead this Monday at his home in Alta Gracia. Before dying, he posted on his YouTube account a video with a long farewell note in which he justifies and argues his decision to end his life. The video has been pulled out since. You might know him as a director of following movies with a special role for child actors, for whom he received seven nominations and won two awards at various film festivals:

In your absence (2008), Gap (2009), Primary! (2010), Comes back (2012), Limbo (2013), They came back (2015), The tutor (2016), Nine Meals from Chaos (2018), Rejected (2019), Lamb of God (2020)

Ivan Noel's goodbye letter below:
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Re: Filmmaker Ivan Noel has commited suicide

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May he rests in peace. I hope his conscience was clear. I've only seen two of his movies but enjoyed them both.
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