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How to prevent Czech and Slovak Republic from becoming the same dangerous state as the Netherlands.

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How to prevent Czech and Slovak Republic from becoming the same dangerous state as the Netherlands.

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As you probably all know, the Netherlands today is a dangerous place to live in, especially if you like children (but also if you are non-white, gay or Jewish for example).

It used to be very different. Long time ago, in the '90's, the Netherlands was a safe place and even a refugee-shelter for many who like children. There were emigrants from the USA and UK for example to look for a safe place, as in their countries there was and still is a lot of discrimination and violence against minorities.
They went to my country for safety.

And I remember conversations with them, watch out, the Netherlands will become a dangerous and violent place in the future. In that time it sounded very unlikely. The Netherlands was the first country to recognise gay-mariage. We were a tolerant country and the police was active against violence directed against minorities.

But that was a long time ago. That was before there was internet, there were not even mobile phones at that time. The '90's the Berlin Wall, die antifaschistischer Schutzmauer (as the east-Germans called it), just fell down, everything seemed happy and full of joy. What in the world could go wrong?

And wrong it went and really really wrong. Today people get beaten up, being even killed because of their sexual orientation in the Netherlands.

Today, Czech Republics looks like a paradise if you compare your country to the Netherlands (about Slovakia I do not know). There seem to be no violence directed towards minorities, violence and murder appear to be a rare thing in the Czech Republics and police seems honest and they really do their duty.
It feels like another planet to me.

Last summer the Czechs made a movie "Caught in the net" about the risks for children being online and some men unfortenately have bad intentions on the internet (personally I think the whole internet is a bad thing and should be abolished all together). It is good to point at the dangers of the internet for children.
I just fear that the main public in Czech Rep. does not understand the difference between men who abuse (who might not be pedophile at all) and pedophiles in general.
That's were it went wrong in my country too. It started with initiatives similar to 'to catch a predator' for year on a commercial Dutch channel and look what happened, in 2019 we could see the first killing of a pedophile and today my country is dangerous to live in.

How to prevent the Czech and Slovak Republics from becoming too a dangerous place?

Emigration is not easy. I probably have to emigrate, it is far too dangerous. But remember, today you are safe in your country. I was safe in my country too and I remember being happy and even proud to live in a safe and social country in the '90's. The same country that I really hate today. The same country that is no longer a safe place for minorities.

So the question is: how to prevent Czech Republics from becoming a dangerous place for minorities?

The Dutch failed. Please do not make the same mistakes as we did. :'(

Na shledanou.
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Re: How to prevent Czech and Slovak Republic from becoming the same dangerous state as the Netherlands.

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So the question is: What changed the direction so badly in Netherlands? I’m a bit worried about the direction our country is heading, but it is because I fear populism and right extremism - but it is raising everywhere in the world.

Some time ago, you blamed the fact Netherlands went too left, it was too liberal, and it caused a strong reaction. If it was the case I’d not be too worried the same can happen in our country :-).

Anyway, most pedophiles hide their sexual preferences here, and we don’t even have a public registry of sex offenders, yet. Unless you openly talk or act on your desires, nobody can/will hunt or hurt you.

In my opinion, everyone needs to act in a way to build a respect of others. If you’re successful with that, you can even tell your friends or colleagues about your pedophilia, and, most likely, they will continue to respect you.

Only a very few people here are brave enough to be open about their sexuality publicly. It would be nice if the number could grow. Obviously, if we’ll head more to the right, or we’ll follow your path, it will hardly happen.