How Boring: It's NOT "Pedophilia"!

Section of the forum for English discussion about pedophilia.
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Leonardo Barca
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How Boring: It's NOT "Pedophilia"!

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I find really boring these situations when people use the therm "Pedophilia" without knowing what they're saying.

It happen to me more than 2 times that some people used in front of me the word "Pedophilia" to describe a sexual attraction from someone older in opposite of someone much younger BUT not necessary a minor.


2 older women of 40 years old told me that I look handsome but when they told me that they immediately said: "Oh, but please: don't think I'm pedophile if I say to you that you look nice!".

It makes me smile if they say that because it makes feel young and happy with myself, BUT it also bothers me that they say the word "Pedophilia" when I'm not a child but just a young man in my first 20s.

The word "Pedophilia" is wrongly used by some people to describe years of difference of attraction when there are no underaged.

Does it happen also to you to hear some people that use the therm "Pedophilia" wrongly?

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Re: How Boring: It's NOT "Pedophilia"!

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Yes, of course, there are many people who say the word pedophilia in wrong meaning. Last time two children in my class used this word to describe person who sexually abuses children. I tried to explain, that reality is different in a few words. Unfortunately it is hard to change this, because also children have identified the word "pedophile" with the person who abuses children. But I think it is important to say the true meaning to them.
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Re: How Boring: It's NOT "Pedophilia"!

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It happens all the time. Last time just a couple of hours ago. A friend of mine talked about a celebrity who dates someone younger, and is accused of pedophilia. The younger one in his twenties... People just don’t get it.