Prosíme pedofilně orientované osoby, aby vyplnily dotazník od projektu Národního ústavu duševního zdraví PARAFILIK.CZ:

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The Prevention Podcast

Section of the forum for English discussion about pedophilia.
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The Prevention Podcast

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Just wanted to share a tip for those of you who like to listen to audio while commuting, or else. I discovered the podcast couple of years ago thanks to our former user Hebeš, who mentioned it in one of his posts (thanks). I thought the podcast deserves a bit more visibility here:

The podcast is hosted by Candice Christiansen, a therapist and clinician with close to 20 years experience in mental health arena, and a survivor of child sexual abuse herself. Her guests are mostly anti-contact pedophiles, both men and women, and even some couples, son with mom etc.

New episodes are published biweekly and their length is around 30-45 minutes. Enjoy.