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Daniel's World

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Daniel's World

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Hey guys,

my name is David, I'm a member of the US-forum VirPed. I don't speak Czech, so I'll have to stick to the English section for now. :)

But let's move on to my topic: Lately I found out about the czech movie Daniel's World.

I know, the movie was shown at some public events in my country's capital city quite some time ago. But that seems to have stopped and even if they will show it again, I wouldn't really dare to go there, because that would mean the risk of being outed.

So, I just wanted to ask: The movie seems to have originated in this forum, if I understood correctly? Do you guys have any idea about possibilities to watch it? It doesn't seem to be possible to buy it somewhere (not to mention that probably would be risky as well :D ).

Thanks in advance and have a nice day,


PS: That confirmation question though... ;)
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Re: Daniel's World

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Hi David.

Yes, the movie originates in this forum, Daniel used to be an active member and other pedophiles who are part of the movie are or used to be active on this forum. I haven't participated in filming the movie but I've been part of several debates after public screenings.

You can watch the movie here: for a small fee. I used to be signed up to the website, it is full of documentary and independent movies and I don't find it risky at all to watch it there.

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Re: Daniel's World

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You can download it here, too:!f4QgfTFp93kS/danieluv-svet-mp4" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Daniel's World

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