How to deal with a child?

Section of the forum for English discussion about children.
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How to deal with a child?

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How to deal with a child?
Our culture is progressing not properly.
We treat children as a stupid and reliant things. :|
Children and fish have no voice.
So people who do not love children can easily manipulate them.
Children are taught blind obedience. *wall*
They cannot express what they really think and feel.
They should listen to adults!
They are not allowed to have their own opinion.
Pedophiles are often accused of spoiling children.
Because they care that the children are free and have their own opinion.
Sometimes they are better than own parents of the child.
Pedophiles are often more forgiving, understanding, sensitive and willing to hear.
They are often parents competitors.
That is why adults sometimes dislike pedophiles.
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Re: How to deal with a child?

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Child is teacher to parents.
Adults should serve childhood, this should be instinctual in normal well-adjusted adults.
Girl children should be adored and given all the best that life has to offer until they become adults.
Boy children should be taught the importance of girlhood, virginity and marriage.

Gifted children should be placed in positions of highest authority to govern the planet for peace.
Only children are honest enough and innocent enough to be trusted to govern fairly, they know how to share, they care about doing what is right.

Old men in positions of authority are most dangerous to the future of life on earth.