Any countries where life is better if one likes little girls

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Any countries where life is better if one likes little girls

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As I travel to many countries in the world, hoping to find some place where I can just be myself and I do not have to lie everyday, just a life without sex, that´s okay for me (although I still do consedir that´s children do need sex for to grow up in a loving way, however I can live without it), I still did not find any place yet. Most countries are even less tolerant as Netherlands at this moment.

I was in Africa, former Sovjet-Union, America Latina. People are not nice.

So I do not ask if someone knows a place where sex is legal, like I did mention I do not care about sex soo much. But I do care about honesty and being sincere, this seems to be impossible everywhere. Every day having to lie why I am not married, why I live alone, makes me every day hate human being a little more. Except for some good friends in Netherlands, I have to lie everyday (even to most of my family who thinks I did forget about little girls by now, but I meet them every day ofcourse and I still think they are extremely sexy and beautyfull and cute and nice (made of sugar and spice)).

I do not have a job anymore, this whole things made me litterary ill, sick. :'(

I can´t work with people if I have to lie everyday, I simply can´t respect them anylonger, they only like me because I play theater and people believe all my stupid stories why I do not work and why I do not have a girlfriend (the thing is, I am not ugly, otherwise that would be a nice excuse).

So maybe someone knows some country where life is better, less lonely and less sad, somewhere on this beautyfull planet, with it´s ugly people. Respect for Pancha Mama (Mother Earth) *daisy*

I am willing to work for only 100 euro (2500 Kc) a month or so, I do not mind poverty (in term of money), I am capable of learning other languages. But I´m not capable to live somewhere where there is no single trace of respect and only hate and ignorance.

Na schledanou,

Kofola Nizozemi
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Re: Any countries where life is better if one likes little g

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You just said everything that sits on my heart.