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Jennifer Bleyer on pedophiles: The monster in their minds

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Jennifer Bleyer on pedophiles: The monster in their minds

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Jennifer Bleyer on pedophiles: The monster in their minds
One summer day in the mid-1990s, Spencer Kaplan climbed aboard a bus at the camp where he was a counsellor-in-training, sat down next to a little boy of about nine, and thought, “My God, I want to kiss him.”

Spencer — a pseudonym — was 14. He was a short, sensitive teenager who wore high tops and backward baseball caps. As a junior counsellor, his job was to help an older counsellor with the eight- and nine-year-olds. Spencer had noticed this boy before, sitting alone, cloaked in an endearing shyness. On the bus, Spencer coaxed him out of his shell. For the rest of the summer, Spencer took the boy under his wing and basked in their closeness. The attraction Spencer felt was dizzying.
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Re: Jennifer Bleyer on pedophiles: The monster in their mind

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They were alarmed and insisted on getting him help. Over the next 10 years, though, the people Spencer and his family thought could help almost always regarded him as a criminal even though the only crime he had committed was a thought crime. When he shared his attraction to boys with one therapist, she barked: “You can’t do that.” Another therapist suggested getting Spencer into a sex-offender treatment program. A youth ADHD specialist wanted to medicate him. Confiding his attraction nearly always led to suspicious inquiries about whether he had molested children, and little help when he answered no. “Most had not the slightest idea how to deal with someone like me,” he says.
That is pretty alarming. There is a lot of work in terms of education of a new therapists and psychologists about pedophilia.
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Re: Jennifer Bleyer on pedophiles: The monster in their mind

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James Cantor, a senior scientist at the Sexual Behaviours Clinic of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, is at the forefront of neuroimaging studies of pedophiles and has described a kind of crossed wiring in their brains that they’re likely born with. He has expressed hopes that by pinpointing pedophilia’s neurological origins, it may someday lead to a course of prevention.
In a way, this is pretty damn scary. I quite don´t like the idea of someone jabbing into peoples brains on - on a global scale - just to "bring them back" to the todays social paradigm of so called "normality" and law.
This is always the moment when my mind starts to fill with waves of rage and scream.
But more than that, I worry about all the other guys like Danny out there, the ones who haven’t been caught and the ones who haven’t even done anything yet.
The last sentence feels like everyone, even those who actualy know all the stuff about childlovers being normal human beings who may be able to controll their sexual desires, really counts seconds until a boom in our brains happen till we rape a kid. Bleh... Or maybe I´m just too focused on minor details.