The 9-Year-Old Pervert

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The 9-Year-Old Pervert

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The 9-Year-Old Pervert: Placing Children On Sex-Offender Registries Has Chilling Effects, A Human Rights Watch Study Reveals

If it's true, it's a horrible abuse of children by the law.
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Re: The 9-Year-Old Pervert

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I have read only tody that the "Prism" scandal (gathering of extrem amount of data by the CIA and other services) has caused a 7000% increase in the number of people purchasing the famous Orwell´s novel 1984 on Amazon. I guess, this is caused by the fact that people have kept hearing the word "orwellian" in the media frequently inthe last few days and they want to learn what it is all about...

But now, after I have read the artical above I just do not understand why the Americans want to read "1984". Because obviously they are living it:-)