Child Safety for Parents

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Child Safety for Parents

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This article could be called "How to write truth about paedophiles but still offend them as much as possible". The article is technically right, it distinguishes child molesters and paedophiles, explains the difference, and writes that not all child molesters are paedophiles and a paedophile in theory doesn't have to abuse a child. Yet the article describes paedophiles as monsters who dream about nothing but molesting children, it claims the distinction from child molesters is not very important, and finally it resorts again to writing only about paedophiles.
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Re: Child Safety for Parents

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The article isn't even technically right.
You can read the full definition, but in short, pedophiles are adults addicted to fantasies of molesting children.
There are good short definitions, but they don't make pedophiles look like monsters...
Pedophile Definition: an adult sexually attracted to kids
Child Molester Definition: someone who sexually assaulted a minor
See the difference? It is subtle, but it is there.
Yeah, such a subtle difference. Basically everything (one word) is the same.
The difference is a pedophile sexually prefers kids.
No, the difference is that these are definitions of two different things.
But until he makes contact, he is not a child molester.
So if a kid say hello to you and you say hello back, you are a child molester.
So what is a pedophile?
He or she is a molester in the mind - a child predator that finds kids sexually irresistible.
= We don't care if you really want to abuse children or not. We want to stone you anyway.
Judging from the statistics, you wouldn’t be far off to think that most pedophiles ARE criminals. Their dirty deeds just haven’t been discovered... yet.
Yes, if you are ignorant enough not to care what are these statistics about.