What it means to be attracted to minors

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What it means to be attracted to minors

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The coolest teenage girl I ever knew, she was attracted to minor girls. Her and I both knew others too who were attracted to minor girls, but she knew way more than I did.
She probably knew more about GirlLovers than anyone because she herself was "loved" by many of them as a child.
I was very attracted to her myself, she was the single most amazing person I'd ever come across and there's no one else like her.
She killed herself not 20 miles from my house. It's been almost 5 years now since she's been gone and not a day has passed I don't think about her.
That is why attraction to minor girls is so incredibly meaningful to me that I've devoted my life to Tabitha Church.

I equate adulthood with serving childhood, dutifully.
Jesus exalted childhood and so should we. That includes informing all children that the one true most high almighty Lord God creator of the universe puts them above all things in Heaven.
Sexual purity in girl children is important to me, virginity is a sacred virtue.
As soon as the breasts are fully developed and the pubic hair has grown to hide what is there, she is able to surrender her childhood life, to marry and give her virginity and devote her adulthood to raising children and family unity.

That is why everything about little girls is so beautiful to me, including the physical geometries of their body parts.
When I see the chest of a grown woman there is no reaction in my brain responding any different than if it were covered with hair as my own. I am looking at an infant's lunch. I think boobs are most wonderful during the time of their transformation. Through the period of metamorphosis they are strangely shaped, as they evolve each of them all is uniquely shaped. They are the pure potentiality of the source of life for the next future generation of God's beloved children. Isn't that exciting?
It is for me. Very.
Some say it is pedophilia, I call it Respecting Girlhood. Girl Friendliness.
Some girls feel terribly awkward as puberty sets in, thinking themselves weird looking many develop self-esteem issues. It's tragic that any girl should ever think for one second she's not the most precious treasure on the planet. In my opinion it should be criminal, it's child abuse. When a little girl thinks she is ugly, over years of sorrow it's damaging to her life. Whenever this type of disrespect happens it is offensive to God. I've never seen an ugly girl before, ever. Even if she's retarded and looks mutated like an elephant I love her and wanna kiss her.
So for her sake I feel it is my job to help instruct the rest of the world that it is Good & Right to feel attraction toward minor girls, so long as you can be honest about it. There should be no reason to lie about it. Most MAPs do find themselves having several reasons why they must lie about it though, keeping it hid, private and secret.

It has become a serious issue and very important to the world now for understanding the great wholesomeness of loving youth. It is rape and incest that is unwholesome, not love and friendship.
Love is the solution, not the problem. Love is the answer, the only remedy for these troubles. Honesty is the key. The honest can be trusted. Truth is the only safe ground to stand on.
O that is why, that is why...