Free the Kids – Dirt is Good

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Free the Kids – Dirt is Good

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Kofola Nizozemi
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Re: Free the Kids – Dirt is Good

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All children nowadays are just 'busy' with their stupid smartphone, do not play outside anymore. Especially here in Netherlands it is a disaster. Only boring computergames or smartphone.

Not outside playing or being creative inside the house. Parents do not allow their children to do anything else as being with their smartphones. Well here in Holland anyway. Looks like in CR at least in the villages children are more outside. With their parents. And in Czech Republics you still have fathers playing with their children, while in Netherlands men are not supposed to give attention to their children, not even if they are the parent. All men who are together with children are suspicious. We have big brother USA-UK watching us in the Netherlands, we need to be hysterical like they are.

Children are the real victims here. Just their boring smartphone. That's life today for the children worldwide, especially in the anglosaxon sphere. :'(
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Re: Free the Kids – Dirt is Good

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Kids these days! Well, what do you want to actually *do* to address this issue, then? Like, this is nothing more than a marketing campaign of a company that sells cleaning agents.

For example, one reason why parents don't let kids outside as much is just because it's not safe. I'm not worried that some pedophile lurking in the bushes will kidnap them - but my kid getting ran over by some dipshit in an SUV is a very real possibility. Lowering the speed limit in towns and cities, regulating cars with a focus on public safety, public transit support to reduce car usage in general are probably the only way to deal with this.

You'd also want places that children would go to, where they'd want to spend time, but I think we are doing fine on that front.

Normalization, as usual. Outdoors activities included in school curriculums, accessible outdoor extracurricular activities. It'd be also nice if teachers were harsher on kids who use their phones during classes.

Now I also believe that parents *want* to spend time with their children in general, right? So yeah, if only just people had more free time. Like, there's just no excuse for why we still don't have a four-day workweek with how much more productive the average employee is compared to the past.

Unfortunately no broader change for the better is possible in this country in the current political situation. For the foreseeable future, at least.