CHAI FM / Kathy Kaler - A couple of amazing podcasts

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CHAI FM / Kathy Kaler - A couple of amazing podcasts

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I'd like to share a couple of podcasts I've listened to recently that I thought were so good, it would be a pity not to share them :). CHAI FM (which I know nothing about) runs a show called Community in Conversation with Kathy Kaler (which I know nothing about), and 3 episodes from last year make up a miniseries about pedophilia.

Part 1 - 2022.01.28 – In conversation with a paedophile

In the first part, the host invited Bly Rede, a non-offending paedophile, to talk to him about what paedophilia actually is. If you're not familiar with Bly Rede, he is a prominent VirPed figure, and he can speak with such captivating insight and intelligence that you'll fall in love with him immediately. I would want to hear this man on any show that deals with pedophilia. If you could convince someone to devote an hour of their life to understanding pedophilia, this is the interview you want to give them.

Part 2 - 2022.02.11 - Dr James Cantor - The Brain Science of Paedophilia

While the first part was about paedophilia through the eyes of a paedophile, for the second part the host invited Dr James Cantor to find out what the science says about it. I'm a big Cantor fan, he is the world's leading expert on pedophilia, he's a great speaker, he's not afraid to say things that others don't want to hear, and he was great in this podcast. If that hypothetical person you want to educate is going to give you another 50 minutes, play this for them.

Part 3 - 2022.02.18 - Kathy Kaler - Paedophilia Part 3 - Mandated Reporting

In the last, shortest part, the host asks several people working with children what they know about mandatory reporting and gives tips on how to recognize child sexual abuse. What I found particularly fascinating about this part is how perfectly it documents people's handling of information about pedophilia. Kathy has learned so much in previous episodes, and yet in the last episode it sounded like she hadn't heard any of it.

To avoid confusion - the episode descriptions are mine.