The Rehabilitation service!

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The Rehabilitation service!

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Hi, my pseudonym is Hippie2001, I am 21 years old, I am from the Netherlands, I am a pedophile and I have a serious problem with justice:
In the past I was arrested by the police and spent 5 days in a cell for "stalking" and threats. Since I've been back home, the Rehabilitation service (Thanks to justice) has been watching me. The Rehabilitation service knows that I am a pedophile, together with the Transfore foundation (Which I MUST receive treatment).
Since Wednesday 27 July I have reserved a week's holiday at a nude campsite, because I love nudism and I want to be alone for some time. It is NOT my intention when I go to the nude campsite to have sex with a minor, because I know that is punishable! Now the Rehabilitation service here has found out through my mother and me (accidentally) that I had booked such a vacation to a nude camping. The Rehabilitation service has agreed with Transfore that I am NOT allowed to go to that nude campsite!
I'm just going to the nude campground despite what the Rehabilitation and Transfore have said about it! I made it clear to the Rehabilitation service and Transfore that I canceled my appointment with the nude campsite!
Now I'm afraid the Rehabilitation or Transfore will find out that I'm going to the nude campsite after all! I'm afraid of very, very bad problems with the police and justice!
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Re: The Rehabilitation service!

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Hippie2001, it sounds like there's part of you that already knows it's not a good idea to go through with the holiday you're planning. And then there's a part that still really wants this holiday. I can totally see you're trying to figure out what to do with these conflicting feelings. That first part knows that you could get yourself into serious trouble that could affect you for the rest of your life. Say you do go away to the camp for a week, what happens then? And what happens when you get back? Is this holiday really worth it? Yet, that second part wants to go anyway. In the end, you're the one that's in control so you're the one that can decide what the right thing to do is, but seriously think about what the choice will mean for you.

I've not heard of the Transfore foundation before - is it just in the Netherlands? Stop it Now is the one in the UK but I'm not sure if they're similar?

Speaking as someone who has had help from this sort of service (if Transfore is the same kind of thing), their support can really improve things day-to-day and the benefits come pretty quickly. I would definitely say it's worth giving them a chance. I've certainly got a lot from their advice, especially with things like keeping safe and managing with urges. I was a nervous wreck when I first called but the lady I spoke to was very nice and I got this big sense of relief by being able to just tell someone. My blog is here if you want to know more about what support is like and my experience of it: