James Cantor - Some great podcasts about pedophilia

Section of the forum for English discussion about pedophilia.
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James Cantor - Some great podcasts about pedophilia

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I'm sure most of you who speak English know Dr. James Cantor very well. If you do not, you can find out who he is here and there. He is known for his 20+ years of research on the topic of pedophilia, most notably with the use of MRI brain scans. His research is sometimes called controversial, because he declares pedophilia as an in-born sexual orientation, and is calling for major policy changes in order to help pedophiles to deal with their attractions and feelings to improve sexual abuse prevention efforts, among other things.

Because he is an amazing speaker, he is often interviewed on various shows, podcasts and documentaries. I find almost all of them great, but would like to point out just a couple of them for you, in case you did not listen to any, yet:

The Earthly Delights Podcast - #38: Dr James Cantor - Understanding Pedophilia
A great and long episode, where the podcaster - a victim of CSA himself, interviews Cantor on his research. Great place to start if you want to learn about pedophilia and our current scientific understanding of it.

Turn Me On Podcast - #12: When Sexual Desires Become Dangerous w/ Dr. James Cantor
This one is great if you want to hear the scientist's view on including/excluding something like pedophilia/homosexuality in DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). Really quite interesting.

On the Edge with Andrew Gold - #127: How sexuality comes about (controversial): Dr. James Cantor
The latest interview with James Cantor (at the time of posting). I touches pedophilia just a bit, and also discusses homosexuality and transsexuality. Good if you want to hear the latest, and/or are interested in trans-related issues.

If the embeded player does not work, don't panic and try the link.
If you are hungry for more, google it. There are many.