Hi from the UK

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Hi from the UK

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Hi everyone!
I'm a paedophile from the UK, where people such as myself are little understood and never tolerated. I have wandered the internet for years seeking a place to feel at home, but have never yet found a place that was welcoming for very long. Maybe that is my own fault. I hope that I might make friends here.
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Re: Hi from the UK

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Hi Ddavey, feel free to come also to chat sometime, there is someone in the evening most of the days (although not everyone speaks English). I wish you could find friends here. Good luck!
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Re: Hi from the UK

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Welcome Ddavey. I know a boylover from England from whom I understand that being a pedophile in GB is particularly difficult, which makes him very security concerned. I wonder why you haven't made yourself feel home on one of many English speaking CL boards. Not that there's any problem with this place, it's just that the English subforum isn't very lively so you won't have so much possibilities to engage as in an international board.
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Re: Hi from the UK

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Hi Ddavey, and a warm welcome among us! *daisy*

I empathize with you, as far as I know the situation in the UK has become quite heated lately and I think that several events have contributed to it (but these thoughts a bit don't really belong here on the forum) because I do read about our situation in other countries now and then, so... if you would want to talk about this topic and exchange some insights, feel free to send me a private message (PM/SZ).

I also think that you are super lucky since you found this website! cuz (and now I really don't want to jinx it), here the situation is kinda better and tolerant, you know some folks try to understand our feelings and the tru meaning of the word pedophilia.. etc. However, the situation still isn't quite ideal, so it's better to be naturally careful anyway. Be careful about sharing information about yourself You know

Here you may be and feel like at home, if u would wish to And be a part of our big pedofamily *curtsey* It is totally not your fault, that there aren't many websites for us both informative and those just for meeting ppl, sharing things or talk. It's so pitty, and honestly very unfair, even I have understanding to some attitudes of society cuz some pedophiles are ruthless and cause problems. It's always a risk...but it's a small number of folks. So it's unfair..
I know few sites in english, and also here on forum is a thread that deals with this topic. I personaly have positive experiences with BoyMoment and Visions of Alice (as I know you like both sexes), but the consideration is, of course, yours and yours alone.

If you will ever need me, feel free to text me. I think you definitely can make friends here and be happier. Wish you good luck!
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Re: Hi from the UK

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Ahoj Ddavey Hi Ddavey!

Vitame vas v forumu. Welcome here.

I am from the Netherlands. Once upon a time a tolerant country where you could get help from therapists, you could freely discuss your preference. Once upon a time a happy sunny tolerant nice country.

But not anylonger. Our situation is still far better as in the Anglo-world, where the situation is really ridiculous mad, like in the UK USA Australia, countries that are highly intolerant and dangerous and rather fascist as democracies.

But the Netherlands today is not a good place to be either. People get beaten up here if they know you like children. Also if you never had sex and never will have sex in your life. Even when you respect the law at all times. The retarded people from [email protected] also reached our country and are now even threatening politicians. Politicians now do get some protection.

The Czech language is extremely difficult, but I am thinking about emigrating and getting a job in Czech Republic somewhere or Slovakia or so. But I did not yet have completely made up my mind.

I wish you all the best. If you are a native english speaker, note that it is very easy to get a job somewhere in the world to teach English. With a certificate CEFL I guess it is called, it is even easier. I am not a native speaker so for me it is more hard. Most of the time you do not even have to know the local language. Especially in countries where the level of knowlegde of English is extremely bad, it is easy to get a job. Do not expect to live in luxoury, maybe you earn 500 USD a month, but at least to live in safety.

Good luck,

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