Do you have a fetish?

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Leonardo Barca
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Do you have a fetish?

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Hello everyone,

I apologize if this question might be a little bit dark but I wanted to know how many of you have some fetishes in their sexual fantasies.

I guess that it is against the rules of the board to describe sexual fantasies in detail so you can just give a word about a fetish you have.
For example you could say "Sadism", "Feet" and so on without describing anything.

I'm curious to hear your fetishes.

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Re: Do you have a fetish?

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I’m afraid this really is for another forum :-)
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Marco Freeman
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Re: Do you have a fetish?

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As Dreamer said, I don't think that this is the right place to discuss our sexual fantasies, even though you are not asking about detail description, but just "a word". Sexual fantasies are something you should discuss in private, if that's necessary, not on a public forum, which is constantly visited by non-pedophile visitors.

It was few years ago when one of the users started the discussion about our sexual fantasies in general on our forum and his idea wasn't approved either. Even though pedophilia is about sexual preference as well and that means probably every pedophile has some sexual fantasies, on our forum we try our best not to communicate about children in sexual, inappropriate way.

So, as I said, it is something you should discuss more likely in some private discussion between friends. :)
Marco Freeman,
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Re: Do you have a fetish?

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I'm surprised about the reactions. I don't see any issue in replying to the given question without going into too much detail. We have some topics here mentioning BDSM or fetishes, eg. a topic about pedophilic sadism. Sure it's a touchy subject, but noone suggests describing any indecency. And since I know Leonardo Barca from other CL forum I am sure his intention isn't to cause any controversy.

I don't have any significant fetish. I like to observe boys calves in summer but I don't think it's near to what's usually ment by fetish. I'm vanilla and romantic in my fantasies but aware that some softer BDSM practises can turn me on, what I find rather common and unsurprising.
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Re: Do you have a fetish?

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I agree with Myš here. Graphic sexual fantasies - no, speaking about what one is into - why not?
I am into BDSM, mostly the control aspect of it, I like being submissive. I am into orgasm denial, chastity belt, tease and denial play. I like pet play, especially dog play. I am slightly into pain, nothing too extreme, mostly CBT, I like sensory deprivation and bondage as a tool for other play (not that much into bondage just for bondage). Also cuckolding, furries, semen, urine, diapers, sissification, urethral sounding, electroplay, deepthroat, somewhat latex and similar stuff, feet, age play. Also I can be aroused by fantasy of sex with animals, male dogs and horses especially.