Would like to meet other people

Section of the forum for English discussion about pedophilia.
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Leonardo Barca
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Would like to meet other people

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I would like to read other members stories. I think the only section where I can be active is the English one. I don't know if I will be able to read posts from people who do not write in English. Anyways I've already introduced myself and now I would like to hear other members stories.
If anyone wants to introduce himself or herself I would be really interested to read other people stories! I'm very open minded and on VirPed I read different stories that I hope I can find also here similar or different! Also don't forget to write what you like as a hobby or other things in life!

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Výkřik do tmy: Nejvíc mi vadí předsudečné odsouzení - i když jsem neublížil žádnému dítěti, najdou se lidé, co píšou "postavit ke zdi, kulka to vyřeší". Ne, nevyřeší. Pedofilové, kteří nic nespáchali, zažívají celý život zbytečné utrpení jen z důvodu předsudků. To je třeba změnit. Proto vznikl tenhle web.
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Re: Would like to meet other people

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Hello Leonardo,
I am Kasz, one of the administrator of this forum. I have been on the internet from 2001 when I realised that I am pedophile. I was 13 years old when I firstly noticed I like girls around 7-9 years and it took me some years to realize that this is pedophilia and I am pedophile. I thought I am the only one person in the whole world who like little girls without wanting to hurt them, there were no information about pedophiles who do not commit any crimes. For me girls were the most beautiful "things" in the world and therefore I cannot imagine to hurt them somehow.

From 2002 I tried to put some information on the internet about pedophilia and I was active on Czech forums for pedophiles. From 2010 we have founded ČEPEK (this site) with group of pedophiles - we wanted to have one stable place for pedophiles from Czech and Slovak Republic.

I am a teacher on primary school for nearly 15 years. For me it was the best way to deal with my feeling towards children - I can be with them every working day and I like to see their progress through the times.

At the time I am engaged with Allein, our girl-administrator, who I met on our forum 5 years ago (she was 14 then) - I had the dating advertisement here and she replied.

I want to help other people to deal with their different sexual orientation, along with helping children from being abuse by pedophiles who don't know about themselves what they are or how to deal with (sexual) feeling towards children they have.

So this is my small English introduction. :) If you have some questions, you are welcome to ask.
Československá pedofilní komunita – již 13 let s Vámi! ❤️💙
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Na trestné lavici
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Re: Would like to meet other people

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Ciao, Leonardo.

I am eighteen years old pedophile. I was 17, when I realised that I am pedophile. I want to be a teacher. I like girls 6-16 years old, especially 9-12 years old. Now, I love 12 years old girl. I think that girls under 13 years old must not know i love they. Girls under 13 years are not ready for perceive feeling 18 years old boy.

I have a few friends 8-12 girls. They do not know that i like little girls. I said about my pedophilia only father. But more people (including teenagers girls) think that I am pedophile.
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Upozornění: Tento uživatel je na trestné lavici, jelikož se jeho chování neslučovalo se základními principy Československé pedofilní komunity. V zájmu zachování kontinuity diskuzí příspěvky zablokovaných uživatelů nemažeme.
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Re: Would like to meet other people

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Hallo Leonardo,

my name is Daniel and I am 44 years old. I am sexually attracted to girls from 4 to 10 years. I am also sexually attracted to adult woman, if they have a small stature and they look young compared to their age.

I realized my pedophilia when I was 17, but I refused to name myself as pedophile till 35. I can say now, that decision to accept my sexuality and to accept what I am was one of the best decisions in my life.

I am married for 18 years and I have children. In my free time I am also involved in regular activities with children in my church.

I am technically educated and I work as software engineer.

My wife and my best friends knows about my sexuality and they don't have problem with me.

Všichni dospělí byli nejdříve dětmi. Ale málokdo se na to pamatuje.
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Re: Would like to meet other people

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Hi there Leo! First things first...I´m Adam and I´ve been into boys ever since. In the beginning I was just thinking I´m a "regular" gay , cause I always couldn´t take my eyes off of boys my age or even younger. But as the time passed by, my age preference was still the same and Im keep looking at little boys (to be exact 4-12 years) to this day, so that´s how I realized I´m a pedo. Nowadays I´m fighting with my inner feelings, my future and stuff, but it´s getting better and better every day thanks to this amazing website with bunch of cool people, who helped me not to drown in my own feelings. I would love to chat with you and get to know you! If you´re interested, feel free to message me buddy :).
Kofola Nizozemi
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Re: Would like to meet other people

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Ciao Leonardo!

Grazie per tua storia!
Thanks for your contribution!

I am a men from the crazy country of the Netherlands, I am almost 50 years. Once upon a time the Netherlands was a progressive country, now we are the most retarded and conservative nation of the European Union, in almost all aspects (also in climate-change or environmental protections, we are hopeless today :'( ).

It is not a good place to live if you love children, in my case i love little girls.

And like you I think sex is not a good thing, it is better to live without sex. And respect the law at all time (like the Czechs always do). You can love without having sex, sex is overrated anyway. La vita che piu bella cosa, life has much more beautyfull things.

I still can not speak Czech, although i try many years now, Italian is much more easy. Some day I will suceed in speaking Cestina.



Kofola Nizozemi

If you ever come to the Czech or Slovak Republic of course try the bubble drink (non-alcoholic) of Kofola. *banana*