Paedophiles ‘live in incredible shame’

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Paedophiles, abhorred figures in society, are in the spotlight ahead of a vote on May 18 on banning convicted paedophiles from working with children. Not many people are as familiar with their struggles as psychologist Monika Egli-Alge.

Director of the Forensic Institute of Eastern Switzerland (Forio) for the past decade, Egli-Alge gives expert assessments in civil and criminal cases and treats court-referred offenders. However, the majority of her patients are men with no criminal convictions who have come forward voluntarily for help. [...]
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Re: Paedophiles ‘live in incredible shame’

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Some 80% of patients currently undergoing treatment at Forio came of their own volition.
Interesting, so from now on we can estimate at least 80% of pedophiles never abuse any child.