Otázky redaktora polského týdeníku NIE (Michal Marszal)

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Otázky redaktora polského týdeníku NIE (Michal Marszal)

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Do redakce přišel dopis od polského redaktora Michala Marszala tohoto znění:

I'm a journalist of one of the biggest Polish lefty-liberal weekly magazines "NIE": http://nie.com.pl I'd like to make an interview with your leader about pedophilia - and show our readers a different view on this topic. Are you interested? I can send the questions via e-mail or talk with you by phone.

Michal Marszal, "NIE" weekly

Pokusil jsem se mu tedy na jeho dotazy odpovědět:

1. What does the phrase "I am a pedophile” mean to you ?
It means, I am erotically attracted to children, it means I like children, It means I am happy with children, it means I sometimes fall in love with a child.

2. When did you realized that you are sexually attracted to children?
I was 20, It was the first time I fell in love with a 10 years old girl.

3. Did you have any sexual contacts with children? If so, how does it looked like?
No, I didn't have any sexual contacts with children.

4. What makes you sexually attracted to children?
I think, this is caused by pedophilia. :)

Is it about the age difference, different smell, innocence, gentleness?
It is not about the age difference, or smell, or something else. I think - you can compare what makes you sexually attracted to women (or men). I think you feel unintentionally, that you are sexually attracted to women (or men). And I also didn't make any decision that I will be attracted to children. It is something in my 'hardware', what makes me erotically attracted to children.

5. Do you feel sexually attracted to adults?
Yes, I feel some erotic attraction to some adult women, mainly those who looks naturally.

6. Do you feel lonely in your life? Does your family or friends or society turned away from you?
No, I have a few fullfilling friendships. Many friends know about me, my family knows about me, also my college at work and also my girlfriend. So I don't feel lonely.

7. Some time ago in Poland, the ruling party created an idea to carry out chemical castration of pedophiles. It would be devastating to the health of the child molester, but - as the politicians supposed – good for the health of society. What do you think about that kind of treatment to the pedophiles?
You mean chemical castration of people, who had molested a child? Please, strictly distinguish between the terms 'pedophile' and 'child molester'. Chemical castration of people, who are sexually attracted to children and didn't commited any crime againts children is nonsense.

8. Do you think that pedophilia is a sexual orientation rather than a psychological disorder?
I think that pedophilia really IS sexual orientation, and some sexologist also. It has all signs needed to clasify it as orientation. It is for the whole life of that person, pedophilia cannot be changed.

Do you think pedophilia should be legalized?
Pedophilia isn't crime, so it can't be legalized. Pedophilia is completely legal.

9. When you’re looking at children, do you you also divide them into attractive and unattractive? For example, thick brunette looks unattractive to you, but the blonde and thin look fabulous?
Yes, I think this is the same way, like it feels the most people.

10. In our society, much is said about the suffering of molested children and very little about the suffering of pedophiles. I imagine it this way, that suddenly Polsh law prohibits sex with women - and there’s no way I could realize my natural needs. Do you suffer as not being able to fulfill your desires?
No, I do not suffer from that at all. I can masturbate with my fantasies, and this is sufficient for me. I know, that I can't have sex with child, and I am contented with it.

12. What do you think about scandals of pedophile priests? Does the Church is an institution which promotes this type of phenomena or simply cases of pedophilia in the Church are louder because it is the Church?
Please, again, strictly distinguish between the terms 'pedophile' and 'child molester', and also between the terms 'pedophilia in the Church' and 'cases of child sexual abuse in the Church' . Many priests, who abused children, wasn't pedophiles. Sorry, because of the missuse of the term pedophilia I can't answer you question.

13. In prisons, pedophiles are beaten and raped, considered to be the lowest unit in the prison hierarchy. Modern European societies violates the human rights of pedophiles and stigmatizes a pedophile even after their exit from prison. Even more: if we assume that pedophilia is a kind of disease, pedophiles are punished for the fact that they are ill! What do you think about that?
Also in this question you don't distinguish between the terms 'pedophile' and 'child molester'. Also those pedophiles, who didn't commit any crime againts any child are stigmatized and punished for what they feel, not for their acts.

14. Do you think that sexual relationship with a pedophile could be good for children or is it everytime bad for them? And the other way - maybe in a sexual act of that type there are two tragedies: a tragedy of a child who is molested and the tragedy of the offender, who can’t otherwise satisfy his needs?
I think, pedophile should avoid any sexual contact or sexual relationship with child, because that kind of relationship can be harmful to the child.

15. “We’ll be able to avoid many abused children, if their relationship with their parents will be good (there would be no divorces etc. ). Wrong attitude or pedohilia shows up when the child is looking for love. And a child starts to make mistakes, and yet and adult person is getting involved” – said one of the Polish bishops. What do you think about these words?
I don't know the context of that words. We could avoid some abuses of children, if we provide some effective help for people, who feels attracted to children, and they feel it from the start of the puberty, at the age of 13. Today we do not work with those people at all, we do not work with them until it's too late - until they commit a crime. There is no literature, which could be helpful for people, who feels attracted to children. They do not know, what to do with that, and sometimes they think, that the only thing, that they can do, is commit sexual abuse. There are no positive role models for pedophiles. For e.g. I am a teacher on primary school, I didn't commit any crime against children, and I don't want to commit any crime. I like working with children, I am happy with them and I want only the good for them.

16. “Children are guilty of pedophilia because they provoke (...). There are many licentious 6-year-olds. The pleasure is, of course, if it is not associated with violence, because nobody likes being beaten - unless it is a masochist. But it's a pleasure for children and pedophile is a nice uncle” – said Jerzy Urban, an editor-in-chief of my newspaper “NIE”. How would you comment on that?
Children can't be guilty of pedophilia, because pedophilia isn't act, it is an erotic attraction which the person feels. Children are not guilty of abuse of them, adult person is the only responsible person in relation with the child.

At the end, http://www.pedofilie-info.cz is the only site in the Czech and Slovak Republic, which provide anonymous internet advice centre for pedophiles - advices are given by known Czech sexologists - MUDr. Antonín Brzek and MUDr. Želmíra Herrová. We are very pleased, that these sexologists are cooperating with us.

More information about our mission is available also in English language on our site in the Introduction section (http://www.pedofilie-info.cz/introduction/) and About Us section (http://www.pedofilie-info.cz/about-us/).

Yours sincerely, Petr Kasz, administrator

Please, if you will have some more questions, you can write them, I will try to aswer them quickly.
Československá pedofilní komunita – již 12 let s Vámi! ❤️💙
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Re: Otázky redaktora polského týdeníku NIE (Michal Marszal)

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Pan redaktor ještě zaslal doplňující otázky:

Dear Petr,
thank you for your answers. I am really sorry for the misconceptions of the terms "pedophile" and "child molester" - I will explain it later.

Many times when I make an interview with an interesting person, answers bring another questions. So it is this time. Here are a few more (if it is easier and faster for you, you can answer them in Czech language - I would found a translator in Warsaw. Or I can simply call you).

1. How many times in your life have you felled in love with a child?
I fell in love with a child 5 times - Claire (10), Elizabeth (11), Margaret (10), Barbara (10) and Simona (7).

Could you tell a story about any case? For example about that 10 years old girl. Could you tell more details about her?
Here is the story: http://www.pedofilie-info.cz/forum/viewtopic.php?p=5305#p5305

2. Have you personally met anyone who molested children?
Yes, I met that person.

3. What was your girlfriend reaction, when you told her about your orientation? Was she jelaous? What was your reaction when you finally foud out, that you are a pedophile?
She knew it from the early begining of our relationship, we met on pedofilie-info.cz website through Dating section on our Forum.

4. I am sorry about misconception of pedophile and child molester. These are no synonyms, of course. But here in Poland many people think, that if you are a pedophile, the risk of child molestation is that high, that you should be chemically castrated. I know it is silly. So the question is: what do you think about chemical castration of child molesters?
I think it can be as a part of punishment after commiting a crime, but antiandrogens have many side effects and I think only proffesional therapist/sexologist should say, that in this case the chemical castration is needed/good, or in this case may cause more risk than without it.
I think it is only a foolish idea that only taking anti-androgens will prevent relapse, I think more effective is psychotherapy.

5. What kind of children attract you the most? Only girls? What kind of look do they need to attract you? Any details, please.
I am attracted by girls from 4 to 12 years of age, the most beautiful girsl for me are from 10-12 years of age. They need to be naturally-looking, I don't like make-ups or coloured hair.

6. Is it easy for you to set a barrier between molestation and being just kind for a child? For example, is it easy for you to give child a hug or a kiss?
For me it is easy. I behave toward children like any other adult person, so also I sometimes give a kiss or hug to child, who I know for e.g. in family of my friends.

7. Do you want to have children in the future?
Yes, I do.

8. You basically say, that there are three kinds:
- People who are sexually attracted to children, but who do not molest them (you, for example).
- People who are sexually attracted to children, and who molest them (pedofile child molesters)
- People, who are not sexuallay attracted to children, but who abuse them for another reasons.
Am I correct?

Yes, you are correct. And statistics say, that the most people, who molest children, are not pedophiles (link to Czech news from sexologist Petr Weiss: http://www.novinky.cz/zena/vztahy-a-sex/124292-az-90-procent-pripadu-zneuzivani-deti-nezpusobuji-pedofilove.html)
And also probbable the most pedophiles do not molest children. But we don't know, how many. There are many people who are attracted to children, but they never tell it to someone and of course never abuse a child. In statistics there are only those pedophiles, who commited abuse. There is no (professional) evidence about those pedophiles, who didn't commit abuse.

9. You say that many priests who abused children, wasn't pedophiles. How do you know that? Maybe most of child molesters in Church are pedophiles, who cannot control their desires?
Because they had "sex" with young persons, who are outside the typical attractiveness for pedophiles. The most cases weren't children until they reach the puberty, but in puberty or after puberty, and this is not typical for pedophilia. Did you see the film Are all men pedophiles? (http://viooz.co/movies/14198-are-all-men-pedophiles-2012.html) There is explained the difference.

10. You say that you are a teacher on primary school. Do the principals and the parents know about your orientation? Did you chose your job for the reason that you will work with children or it is just a coincidence?
Principals and parents of course do not know, that I am attracted to children. It is unimportant. I think more important is, how I teach their children and if I am a good teacher. I think, if they know, that I am pedophile-oriented, they would require to leave my job regardless of previous good experiences they had with me.

11. Is Petr Kasz your real name? Do you wan't to put your photo in our newspaper?
No, Petr Kasz is my nick. It would be a suicide to use my real name, nor photo in newspaper. But... editor Mrs. Nejezchlebová took one photo of me and placed it in the magazine Týden: http://kasz.sweb.cz/Tyden_06-2010.pdf
Československá pedofilní komunita – již 12 let s Vámi! ❤️💙