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An article in Polish weekly NIE

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An article in Polish weekly NIE

Nový příspěvek od reginald »

I found an interview in Polish weekly NIE with Peter Kasz and Simon Falko.
I wrote to the interviewer mr. Michał Marszał such a mail:
Dear Mr. Michael !
Your interlocutors divide pedophiles into 3 groups: a) pedophiles who do not molest children (ie, do not have sexual contacts with them ) b ) pedophiles who molest , and molesters who are not pedophiles .
It makes me sick to read such hypocritical and deceitful words spoken by pedophiles .
These gentlemen have forgotten of the most numerous group of pedophiles who do not molest children and yet , as it determines our Criminal Code - communing with them sexually .
Whether do not they see, these Czech and Slovak pedophiles, the fundamental difference between sexual harassment and voluntary and accepted sex contacts?
Even in our (Polish) penal code are two articles . One , Art. 197 , speaks of violence , threat and deception in bringing another person to sexual intercourse , and another, art.200 , nothing mentions about violence or harassment . It says only about who has sex with a minor under the age of 15. One cannot claim, as Czechs do, that voluntary , willing and accepted by both sides sexual communing equals sexual harassment .
One also cannot claim that such contacts hurt children . The famous meta-analysis of Rind and his colleagues have not confirmed it.
So they do not tell the full truth and conceal the relevant facts ,knowing them pretty well. And I understand why! They cannot say that consensual sex with children is OK , because people would eat them . So they talk such stupidity that "yes we are pedophiles , but sex with children ever again!"
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Re: An article in Polish weekly NIE

Nový příspěvek od Kasz »

Hi Reginald,
here is the full text (scan) of that article in Polish language:


Here is the transcription of the interview in English language:

1. What does the phrase "I am a pedophile" means to you?
Petr Kasz – It means, that I am erotically attracted to children, it means I like children, it means I am happy with children, it means I sometimes fall in love with a child.
Šimon Falko - Well, it means for me "I am erotically attracted to prepubescent children." However, I don't think it's what you meant by this question. I guess the question is what the fact that I am attracted towards children means for me. First I'd like to note that I am not a pedophile under more strict definitions, I am not predominantly attracted towards prepubescent children (boys in my case), but also to pubescent boys and also strongly towards women. I don't have problems with someone labeling me a pedophile, but I wouldn't just say I am a pedophile, I find it misleading. Now, what does that fact that I am attracted to young boys mean to me? Well, first it means to me, that I can see more beauty around me. Next it means I've spent hours of time looking for information about pedophilia and the disappointment about the amount and quality of the studies about pedophilia. And it means the realization, that there are a lot of young people who starts finding that they are attracted to children and who suffers needlessly because of the prejudices about pedophiles in our society. Some of those even attempt a suicide.

2. When did you first realized that you are sexually attracted to children? And that it is not a homosexual orientation – which, for example in Poland, is hardly, but tolerable – but something more, something that our societies sadly cannot deal with – pedophilia?
P. K. - I discovered first signs of my orientation when I was 13. I was attracted to 7-9 year old girls, who in a nearby church approached to the first holy communion. As I was growing, the feelings intensified. I knew that I could not tell anyone about it, I was afraid of the consequences. At the age of 20, I fell in love with the child for the first time. She was a 10 year old girl named Markéta. I met her through knowledge of her mother. Since then it's been several years, Markéta recently passed exams to her high school. And all of these years I have tried to keep close to her. I often spend an afternoons with her, helping with homework. My love, despite the passage of time, does not decline. I confessed to her mother that I love Markéta and I like girls aged from 4 to 12 years. Interestingly, she was not scared, because she suspected before, that I have such a tendency, and she knew that I would not harm her daughter. She was surprised however, that although Markéta has already exceeded the magic limit of age, I still keep in contact with her daughter. I even wrote a letter of confession, in which I told about all my feelings to her throughout all these years. We agreed with her mother that I could pass it to her only a few years later, when she will be able to make decisions about her future.
S.F. - I'm not able to tell the exact moment in which I became a pedophile. This feeling has evolved. I started with looking at underwear catalogs, later started to find pornography on the Internet. And I didn't feel there was something missing and I was really focused dominantly on women for some time. But the first signs were there pretty early. I think when I was 13 or so I remember clear I had one erotic dreams about doing sexual things with a boy of my age. When I started watching porn, I was pretty curious and look at different things, gay porn, bdsm porn, different fetishes etc. And at that time most of the things were somehow interesting, but not equally interesting. Gay porn was interesting, but not that much as straight porn. Maybe at that time I realized that teen gay porn is more interesting than other gay porn. And a big contribution to realizing that when when I discovered child pornography. I discovered both real and fictional child pornography (computer generated based on 3D models), not sure which one first. The fictional was mainly about boys with women, in the real, there were mainly girls (which aroused me too), later I discovered pages with more boys which I started to prefer. I didn't considered it something very unusual at that time, you know, boys in puberty can find nearly anything arousing. But it didn't go away as I was getting older and it didn't seem that other people feels the same. By the time I was 16 or 17 I was definitely considering the attraction towards boys a part of my identity and something by which I differ from the majority of people.

3. Did you ever had any sexual contact with children?
P. K. - I know people who had that kind of contacts, but I've never tried.
S.F. - So do I. I had no such contacts and I'm not going to have.

4. Really?
P. K. - Pedophiles need to be distinguished from those who do the so-called “pedophile acts” - the fact that someone is a child molester does not automatically mean that he is a pedophile. The media do not distinguish that fact, because it is easier to tell, that pedophile is a synonym of a degenerate and the beast. Meanwhile, many pedophiles are aware that child abuse causes harm, so we are not doing that. When I wonder what I feel when I have a contact with a child, the dominant feeling is the desire to protect him from any harm! Sexual excitement doesn’t drive me that much - I can handle it through masturbation. I mostly feel huge desire to care for the child, provide him with warmth, safety, almost anything he wants .
S.F. - The biggest problem of our organization is, in fact, to convince people that the pedophile is often someone who lives among them. Not necessarily the stereotypical sleazy type in a coat and glasses, raping children in the basement. Media have no interest in showing the different shades of pedophilia. Invite a pedophile to a TV show? Great idea to do a public lynch. Talk with a scientists who would show the nuances of human sexuality? Why, if the best selling are the stories about pedophiles murderers! Audience expect simple messages. They see pedophile as a hideous monster that lurks on a vulnerable children. Not as the person who live with a big challenge: to feel sexual arousal to something he or she can never possess. To hide with your feelings, running away from the crowd ready to lynch you.

5. What makes you sexually attracted to children? Is it about the age difference, different smell, innocence, gentleness?
P. K. - The explanation is simple. The mechanism works the same as in the case of hetero - or homosexual person. Somehow it is that children arouse me. I was not taking such a decision, I was just constructed this way. That's it. I fell in love many times. Apart from the mentioned Marketa, there were Klára (I was 20 years old then, she was 10), Alžběta (24-11), Barbora (28-10), Simon (30-7). It always has been done in the same way. I felt great, indescribable fascination.
S.F. - The first is that the "wiring" of my brain. If you asked me what caused the wiring, the answer would be nobody knows. I just think it's probably inborn, but there isn't sufficient evidence one way or the other. But obviously you ask what characteristics makes the boys attractive for me. It's a difficult question to answer. Just try to answer what makes you attractive to women. (I guess you are attracted to women.) I don't think just a single characteristics. Definitely the physical look is important. If I should say something more specific about the look, face is an important part of the look for me, it can make the difference why I find some 18 year old boys still attractive and some 12-14 year old boys too old. Also voice can be important for me too. Maybe some characteristics of behavior too.

6. When you’re looking at children, do you you also divide them into attractive and unattractive? For example, thick brunette looks unattractive to you, but the blonde and thin look fabulous?
P. K. - Of course .
S.F. - It looks the same way.
P. K. - And here again... I have a girlfriend.

7. Oh, I am willing to meet her!
P. K. – She's an adult, I met her through a dating section on the website of our organization. She knows everything about me and she accepts it. Besides I have many friends who know the truth, I even admitted that I am a pedophile to my buddies from work.
S.F. - For me, the situation is somewhat different. Well, sometimes I feel lonely, but that's not connected to my orientation at all. It's because some topics I like to talk about aren't much interesting for others and the topics others like to talk about often aren't interesting for me. And I am sometimes too passive and shy. I haven't told many people about my orientation, I haven't told my family yet, but I do not wont to do it through the media.

8. Some time ago in Poland, the ruling party created an idea to carry out chemical castration of pedophiles. It would be devastating to the health of the child molester, but - as the politicians supposed – good for the health of society. What do you think about that kind of treatment to the pedophiles?
P. K. - You mean chemical castration of people, who had molested a child? Please, strictly distinguish between the terms 'pedophile' and 'child molester'. Chemical castration of people, who are sexually attracted to children and didn't committed any crime against children is nonsense.
S.F. - There is a very common practice for pedophilic offenders undergoing here in Czech Republic. As far as I know, it can't be forced upon you, which some sexologists presents as voluntary, but the fact is, that if you refuse to take the drugs, you can be considered a non-cooperative patient which means no chance of release. Which is far from what one imagine as voluntary. And the question is - shouldn't be the conditions in sexologic treatment more regulated by the law? Isn't there too much power for psychiatric hospitals?
According to studies I've seen, "chemical castration" reduces the re-offense rate significantly. These studies have its weaknesses, for example one can ask whether the effect can be from a big part psychological - you know that you are taking drugs that are supposed to prevent a reoffense, so you have more determination not to re-offend. There were placebo controlled studies too. But since the drugs have other effect than just those on sexuality, it still doesn't excludes the possibility of psychological effects completely. Also I've never seen any attempt to find criteria which offenders needs the drugs and which don't and results for the groups divided by such criteria. We should certainly ask a question, if we can legally impose such drugs on offenders considering the side effects of such drugs. Which can be tiredness, losing weight of putting up on weight, depressions, reduction of bone density, losing muscles volume, gynecomastia and others. I've heard some sexologists claiming the side effects are usually mild, what I've heard from people who were or are using this drugs, it seems that the mild side effects can be pretty unpleasant. Most of the effects are reversible (but for example the bone density doesn't get completely to normal levels). Still the questions is whether we have the right to impose the treatment with such possible side effects on offenders. Being an offender doesn't mean loosing all rights, we need to consider the rights of the offenders too. Another thing is, that in all studies you'll find that for good results the drugs has to be combined with a psychotherapy. The psychotherapy only has the effect if the patient cooperates. And enforcing drug treatment may lead some people to become less cooperating.
If I should sum my opinion, "chemical castration" definitely shouldn’t be used as a punishment. In using it as a tool in public protection, I think it shouldn't be routinely prescribed to all offenders, but just to offenders with a high risk of re-offense or those who've committed the most serious crimes. It should be offered to other voluntary (which means the release shouldn't depend on that) explaining the positives and negatives. But I certainly don't want to picture it as something evil, some pedophiles (even non-criminal) says it helped them in some moment.

9. In our society, much is said about the suffering of molested children and very little about the suffering of pedophiles. I imagine it this way, that suddenly Polish law prohibits sex with women - and there’s no way I could realize my natural needs. Do you suffer as not being able to fulfill your desires?
P. K. - No, I do not suffer from that at all. I can masturbate with my fantasies, and this is sufficient for me. I know, that I can't have sex with child, and I am contented with it.
S.F. - Well, I think the idea most people have about suffering is exaggerated. I'd like to have sex with a boy of the age that is under the age of consent here if there wasn't such risk of harm. I don't say I don't care at all that I can't. But there are more important things in my life. Well, someone might say that I am attracted to women too, I have the possibility. But I've hear pretty similar opinions from a lot of member of our community. Rather pedophiles often feel as more problematic is that they can't have the romantic relationship with a child. Some pedophiles work with children or find child friends as a some kind of substitution for such relationships, but it's a pretty limited substitution.

10. “We’ll be able to avoid many abused children, if their relationship with their parents will be good (there would be no divorces etc. ). Wrong attitude or pedophilia shows up when the child is looking for love. And a child starts to make mistakes, and yet and adult person is getting involved” – said one of the Polish bishops. What do you think about these words?
P. K. - I don't know the context of that words. We could avoid some abuses of children, if we provide some effective help for people, who feels attracted to children, and they feel it from the start of the puberty, at the age of 13. Today we do not work with those people at all, we do not work with them until it's too late - until they commit a crime. There is no literature, which could be helpful for people, who feels attracted to children. They do not know, what to do with that, and sometimes they think, that the only thing, that they can do, is commit sexual abuse. There are no positive role models for pedophiles. For e.g. I am a teacher on primary school, I didn't commit any crime against children, and I don't want to commit any crime. I like working with children, I am happy with them and I want only the good for them.
S.F. – Well, the first idea? Trying to score points on anything. Or a big ignorance of reality. Pedophilia isn't cause by bad relationships with parents. Child molestation can be - first someone in a good psychical state is less likely to offend, next, if the relations are good, it's more probably that the abused children tells parents (unless the abuser is a parent, which isn't uncommon). But I don't think it can make a big difference. It's not a some kind of a magical solution to the problems. And it's kind of weird to hear something like that from a bishop, when the Church opposes a proper sex education of children. Which I think can have much bigger effect. And what we should do and what isn't common even in countries where aren't such problems with sex education is to teach children about pedophilia, but in a non-prejudiced way. Also this usually comes in a package with other things, often specific for the Church teachings and pretty irrelevant to the problematics, not sure how much is it this case.
Another theme is the problem of the so-called "Pedophilia in the Church." I would like to tell it once again: pedophilia is not a synonym to child abuse! You can perform the division into 3 groups: pedophiles who do not molest children (like us). Pedophiles who molest them. And molesters who are not pedophiles .
A recent survey from well known Czech sexologist Petra Weiss proved that pedophiles account for only about 10 percent cases of abuse of minors. The rest are usually people with mental illness, high level of aggression or alcoholics.

11. So for an ending: do you know who Mariusz Trynkiewicz is?
P. K. – No, I do not.
S.F. - I also do not know.

12. He is a serial killer, convicted once for the death penalty for murder and rape of 4 boys. His penalty was later turned to put him to 25 years in prison. Few days ago he was released. He is described in our media as a pedophile. I hope our readers will understand after this interview, that pedophilia has many different variations and if someone is a pedophile, it doesn’t automatically mean that he is molesting children.
Československá pedofilní komunita – již 10 let s Vámi! ❤️💙
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Re: An article in Polish weekly NIE

Nový příspěvek od Kasz »

reginald píše:Even in our (Polish) penal code are two articles . One , Art. 197 , speaks of violence , threat and deception in bringing another person to sexual intercourse , and another, art.200 , nothing mentions about violence or harassment . It says only about who has sex with a minor under the age of 15. One cannot claim, as Czechs do, that voluntary , willing and accepted by both sides sexual communing equals sexual harassment .
One also cannot claim that such contacts hurt children . The famous meta-analysis of Rind and his colleagues have not confirmed it.
So they do not tell the full truth and conceal the relevant facts ,knowing them pretty well. And I understand why! They cannot say that consensual sex with children is OK , because people would eat them . So they talk such stupidity that "yes we are pedophiles , but sex with children ever again!" [/i]
Dear Reginald,
according to studies of Czech sexologists MUDr. Zvěřina and PhDr. Petr Weiss, who studied the effects of child sexual abuse in the Czech population, you can see:

The impact of the abuse on the victim's future life:

• No impacts: men 54%, women 43%
• Negative impacts: men 33%, women 51%
• Positive impacts: men 13%, women 6%
• Permanent impacts: men 22%, women 32

Conclusion: Half of abused victims had no consequences for their lives, girls predominate slightly negative consequences, a minority of respondents (more girls) had pemanent consequences for future life.

Source (only in Czech language): http://www.pedofilie-info.cz/sexualni-zneuzivani-v-ceske-republice-vysledky-narodniho-vyzkumu/

Also in metaanalysis you mention in your post there are negative impacts in aprrox. 25% of children, who had sexual contact with adult person.

So even consensual sexual contact with children can harm the child in the future life. According to these studies, we DO NOT agree, that even consensual sexual contact is OK, because there is a high risk of negative impact (at least in 25% of cases) of the sexual contact to the child.

We do not think, that all sexual contacts with children hurts them but there is a high risk. And because we do not want harm children at all, we claim, that sexual contact with children, even consensual, IS NOT OK. That are the reasons, why we are against the sexual contacts between adults and children at all.

Petr Kasz, email: [email protected]

P.S. I'll also send a copy of my answer to Michał Marszał.
Československá pedofilní komunita – již 10 let s Vámi! ❤️💙
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Re: An article in Polish weekly NIE

Nový příspěvek od Návštěvník »

You write about studies of Czech sexologists who studied the effects of child sexual abuse. But what children did they study? Do you think they studied children who had only consensual sexual contacts, or also those who hadn't?
If I asked one hundred adult women about their sexual experiences I am pretty sure that many of them would be unsatisfied. A part of them were probably molested or may be raped. The same situation is with children. Those who were molested, have bad memories and negative impacts. Those who were loved and had consensual sex have positive memories http://www.ipce.info/host/rivas/positive_memories.htm.
Naposledy upravil(a) Kasz dne úterý 18. 2. 2014, 22:58:28, celkem upraveno 2 x.
Důvod: This is English section, please, all text must be translated to English. Czech language is not allowed here. I had translated your Czech sentences to English.