About us

ČEPEK – Czech and Slovak Pedophile Community

Who Are We

We are a group of people who share one thing – an erotic attraction to children. Each of us is a completely different person; each of us has different hobbies, different opinions and different character. We are mostly pedophiles and our group is called Czech and Slovak Pedophile Community = ČEPEK. Our group was founded for a purpose which is explained in the section „What Do We Want“ later in this article. Anyone can become our member simply by registering at our forum. Our members are not necessarily all pedophiles, we welcome anyone who wants to support us or communicate with us. Our members can drop their membership at any time and for any reason.

Who Are We Not

We are certainly not a group of criminals. There may be individuals in our group who have abused a child in the past, who have consumed or presently consume child pornography or who have violated any other laws; we have no means of finding out whether everyone who joins us is „clean“. ČEPEK, however, is not a criminal organisation and we do not approve of nor help our members commit any criminal acts. Our mission is the opposite. We are not responsible for an individual behavior of our members. A clean criminal record is not a requirement for joining us; however, if someone misuses ČEPEK for illegal activities, he or she will be denied access to all means of communication on our website and his or her membership will be suspended. We do not tolerate illegal activities here; in the case of some user clearly violating legal standards, after consideration of the circumstances, we are prepared to inform the Police of the Czech Republic. (In the past it has already been done several times).

What Do We Want

Our primary mission is to provide information about pedophilia to young people at the beginning of puberty, who have just found out that they are sexually attracted to children or adolescents. We want to help these people cope with their sexuality and adapt to society standards in order to live a happy and full life without violating any social standards or laws. We share our personal stories and experience, thus giving them a proof that it is possible to live a happy life without hurting anyone as well as warnings about what happens when they fail to suppress their sexuality. In urgent cases we can help these people arrange a visit to a sexologist. Through Advisory Centre for Czech and Slovak Pedophiles it is also possible to make an anonymous inquiry to selected Czech sexologists.

Our secondary mission is to inform the public about what pedophilia is and what does it mean to be a pedophile. These terms are in fact still being confused with sexual abuse of children or other crimes. We are trying to spread out the correct meaning of the term pedophilia, reflecting its original meaning.

What Do We Not Want

Our mission IS NOT to legalise sexual activities with children, to lower the age of consent, to introduce registered partnership with children, to justify child sex offenders or to cover any such acts. We do not want our members to ask for or offer child pornography or instructions to find it. We perceive laws and social standards as given and we want to fully adapt to them, obey them and possibly help others to do the same.

In order to better meet the above goals, we founded Spolek ČEPEK (the ČEPEK Association) – a non-profit organization – on 1 May 2020. 

This is primarily a Czech website. For translation to other languages try Google Translator. A limited amount of information is also available in English section of the Forums.

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